ASHe Levesque


Born in Arnprior Ontario Canada, ASHe had spent most of his artistic career in Ontario, BC, and Quebec. 


He works mostly with acrylic and charcoal on either canvas or wood, and recently developed a newer technique involving digital drawings and paint.


Most of his interpretive style is directed to tell a story. It will either entice the viewer to take a journey of the subject, wanting the viewers eye to rest on a zen space, or be directed gently off the edge of the canvas.


His work has been shown in various venues throughout Canada and exposes most of his work via galleries, hotels, spas, and through various social media groups.


Ashe is a self-taught style came from an intuitive direction within. In early years he felt it would disappear as quickly as it was discovered. Some additional courses were added later to expand his techniques such as encaustic painting at the Toronto School of Art, and various painting/drawing classes at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal, Canada.

As many artist his work parallels his life’s transitions. His newer work is representative of his travels along the Florida Coast where his style had taken a major change brought about by the hues of colour and the feeling of being by the ocean. His routine would entail daily photo shoots that would later be translated into digital artistic expression and paint.


His genres may seem disconnected at times (similar to his astrological sign “Pisces” two fish swimming in opposite direction) but change as he states; is healthy for the spirit. Topics may vary from expressionistic nudes to flowers in a garden or a boat on a Zen pond, but all is represented and reconnected to the soul of the earth.  

Never content with the norm, ASHe challenges himself with various mediums to push into areas of exploration. Most of his work seems bold yet has a carries a gentle message. The story will unfold…you just have to look, and let it be told.